Roaming Around Rome

The next stop on my OE adventure is Rome! It’s already got off to a bit of a disruptive start though. I forgot to buy a train ticket to get to Gatwick, thinking I could just use pay as you go. And then after getting through customs (in which I set the beeper off and […]

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Gracias Barcelona

Written on 9th March 2015 Barcelona, what a beautiful, sunny, relaxed city you were! I’m sitting at the airport now with three hours to kill before my flight so I’ve got a red wine and am enjoying a sit down to write the latest update in my travel blog! I arrived nine days ago to […]

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Holding Your Tongue

Poem There’s a kind of desperation You feel When you hold your tongue Your body aches Your heart races You can’t sit still It burns inside you Regulated breath Counting to ten A piano A pen and paper A collapse Something Anything To release Get it out You don’t say anything You can’t You play […]

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Weekend in the Sky

I’m torn Where is my home? Somewhere between two cloned worlds Each on the other side of the world Where is my home? In transit Wherever those I love happen to be The list is growing Expanding across the world Come visit me, I say Hello, I’ve missed you, How have you been We’ll have […]

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