Budget-friendly Budapest

I was really excited for Budapest because I love hot pools and this city is covered in hot pool complexes!

I only had two and a half days here so my first activity was a walking tour. The guide was really enthusiastic and you could tell he really loved his job. He finished each stop on the tour with a formal “Thank you for listening and now we’ll head to the next stop.”

We actually walked really far across the city from Pest to Buda. And it’s beautiful to see the river Danube and all the bridges crossing it.

We saw the castle at that top and got amazing views of the town.

The next day I was excited to try out the famed Szechenyi Baths. I stayed two hours and thought they were ok but nothing special, not like the saltwater pools in Tauranga. Once I got back to the hostel I went to write a review and saw the stunning outdoor pools! Turns out I had missed them because the signs were in Hungarian and I didn’t know there was an outdoor area! 

I contemplated going back the next day but decided instead to try the Rudas Spa. It was really quiet on the day I went so it was very relaxing. I tried out all the pools and my favourite was the outdoor pool on the roof overlooking the river. The only downside was couples making out next to me. Pretty sure there were private pools they could hire for that! One girl spent the whole time holding her arm out so her phone was out of the water to take endless selfies. I would have gotten a sore arm doing that. 

As it was a Tuesday it was the women’s day in the Wellness part of the pools so I could go into the old Turkish bath area. Quite a few women were nude actually. Not me though!

I loved how affordable Budapest was when spending the Pound. Dinner with starter, wine and main was only £10. The pools were only £8. 

I highly recommend it for your next weekend away!


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