Weekend in the Sky

I’m torn
Where is my home?
Somewhere between two cloned worlds
Each on the other side of the world
Where is my home?
In transit
Wherever those I love happen to be
The list is growing
Expanding across the world
Come visit me, I say
Hello, I’ve missed you,
How have you been
We’ll have to do this again
Goodbye, I’ll miss you
Back in transit
In search of a home
An ever-changing, ever-loving habitat
Somewhere to hibernate
But I can hibernate in transit
Bury myself in books for the weekend
A weekend in the sky

To the other side
Perpetually on the other side
Home is talking to you, home is laughing with you, home is loving you
We’re apart in the physical world
But when we connect
I’ve never left home
Here’s to New Zealand
And here’s to the rest of the world
You are all my home
Forever heading home
After a weekend in the sky


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