Merci Paris and Au Revoir

My final day in Paris held some lovely surprises! I got the metro to Madeleine as I had seen the area on Saturday and there were lots of shops!

I got some winter wearables (and instantly regretted having to now lug a coat around) and stopped by the Palais Garnier. I actually wasn’t sure what it was but I saw the words Choreographie and Visite so I went round the corner to the entrance. It was the famous opera house of Paris and I was now on a self guided tour of the place. It is remarkable. I couldn’t believe that they have large ballroom-esque rooms ordained with sculptures and beautiful paintings. This was created for the audience to congregate in during intermission and marvel at the surroundings.

 10300873_10154539615805694_3375768396988003941_n  10599616_10154539617555694_199213330812289104_n  10569066_10154539615660694_3399366096978969904_n    10592877_10154539594605694_1842472761964498035_n

After my mosey around the theatre I had a look in Galeries Lafayette. The hot air balloon centrepiece looked magical amongst stories of stores.


Finally it was time to get the train back to London. I was very pleased to have a day without being approached and I recommend other travellers should expand their itinerary to other parts of Paris, not just the tourist stops.

Time to go back on my diet now!

Merci Paris and Au Revoir


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