Guard Changing Time

So today I decided to watch The Changing of the Guard, a ceremony steeped in tradition. What I wasn’t planning on was joining the 5,000 others who decided to do the same thing. On a Tuesday. To watch a ceremony that occurs every day.

The band played the Happy Birthday tune and even the 1997 Titanic hit My Heart Will Go On. So much tradition…


I couldn’t really see them so I went up by the fountain over the road. One guy put his daughter on his shoulders but received a loud whistle from a policeman. Apparently you’re not allowed to do that.

I only caught the last 15 minutes of the process because the trains were cancelled to Victoria. I found out later that someone had mistaken a BBQ gas canister for a bomb and the entire station got evacuated. I guess those canisters don’t see much sunlight in these parts! (Ah I’m really not that hilarious…)




After all that guard changing excitement I wanted to see the magical renowned wonder that is Harrods.

My wallet was not pleased about that and I finally got my annual haircut. A few vain selfies later and I felt justified buying it. I think it’s the best haircut I’ve had. Actually that would be because I asked for a trim and thus she hasn’t cut too much off!


Girls, if you want just the right haircut – ask for a trim!!!

Harrods also has a Toy Kingdom. I don’t know if I would have been really giddy about it as a kid though. I think The Warehouse offers stuff kids (and most parents) can actually afford so it’s a bit more fulfilling. It’s worth coming here just to look around really.



I like the Egyptian staircase. There is also a section dedicated to Princess Diana with a statue on the B1 level. It’s really sad but the statue is beautiful.

Til the next adventure!


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