The Thames Path

You would think a walk along a river would be the easiest way to not get lost.

Keep the Thames river to your right, follow the signs and make your way across London, simple!




Well the only thing is, there are lots of road blocks along the way and you have to head inland along some streets before making your way back to the river side. I followed the signs and ended up near Chelsea Harbourside Hotel. I kept walking and went through some parks and found myself at the river again. Cool!


I followed the next lot of signs and after about 30 mins I came across that same Chelsea Harbourside Hotel!

My first thought was “What the hell’s going on?”

Then “are there two?”

Then “maybe I should google to see if there is a chain of Chelsea Harbourside Hotels. That have the exact same layout to each other…”

Then “it’s the same one. This is some serious Blair Witch shit going on!”

Then “OMG I have been walking in a circle…”

And it wasn’t until that moment that I realised I was an idiot.

I stopped at a cafe all hangry, got shitty when the guy said that the menu on the wall behind him was “coming soon” and sat down with my phone and Google maps.

So turns out once I left the riverside I had got disorientated and headed west when I meant to go East. I probably should be doing this with proper orienteering tactics like looking at the position of the sun…

Alas I pulled my phone out until I found the river again.

So that’s my embarrassing story for the week!

After that I headed through Hyde Park which was nice. Being a lawn mower driver there would be a sweet job. You could race the other lawn mower drivers.




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