Going back in time to Wales

Thought I better quickly update the Travel Diary. I was fortunate to be invited to a girls road trip to Wales last weekend.

As we were driving it felt a lot like driving through the New Zealand countryside. I can see why so many Brits feel like they’re home away from home when they head to Aotearoa.


We stopped in Tenby, a quaint village by the seaside with sweet shops and pubs.  It felt like stepping back in time too, with the only nod to 2014 being the tourist’s cars in the car parks.




Pembroke was equally as quaint and we discovered that they’re rather set in their ways.

“Do you take card?” We asked at a busy pub.

“Oh no we don’t do that.”

“Do you have any menus?”

“Oh we don’t do menus.”

“Could we get a table for dinner?”

“Not after 8.30pm!” or “Yes but you might not get a roast meal as it might be all eaten.”

At least they are honest.

And I have to say, the food was outstanding. Go to Wales with some stretchy trousers (better not say pants).


One of our highlights was visiting two castles in Wales and we even saw the birthplace of Henry 7th.




They had a falconry business set up at the castle and got a trained owl to fly over a row of small children.



As you do.

We couldn’t leave Wales without stopping in Cardiff and I’m glad we did. It’s a beautiful city with modern decor in amongst old castles and inns.



I wanted to spend longer in Cardiff… City girl at heart eh.


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