You Can’t Escape Yourself

Bear with me while I get emo on you and pause for thought between exciting holiday adventures.

By moving to the other side of the world I’ve already come to realise that you definitely will ‘find yourself’ by leaving your home town. And not because you’re “seeing the world” and “meeting new people” (both of which are fantastic drawcards) but because you can’t escape yourself.

You don’t become a different person by being in a new country. In fact sometimes I wonder if I ever left at all. England is, at times, distinctly different from NZ but it’s still Earth. The grass is green, cars drive on the road and there is still a Starbucks on every corner.

If we indeed see the earth through our minds, then it makes sense for that same mind to find familiarity wherever it goes.

I thought once I arrived here I would have a career epiphany and things would fall into place. But it’s kind of nice to know that no, I’m still the same indecisive me.

And I still find some comfort in being that shy, way too nice girl who finds sanity in clothes shopping, watching gigs and sleeping late – wherever in the world I am.

Basically, you’d better start liking yourself because travelling around the world isn’t an escape…

It’s how you can finally come to terms with who you are.

And I’m a lazy, bed loving cake eater.


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