Becoming a Londoner

I’ve had another whirlwind week, although I have had time here and there to chill out.

I really didn’t get time to blog so I’ll summarise it now!

Arrived; slept all day; watched tele; fell in love with: Countdown tele show, London cappuccinos, jaffa cakes, cheap chocolate, cheap meals and wraps for one, walking by the river, the men’s accents, the public transport and my new flatmates.

So it wasn’t bad at all. I had a crazy day at one point where I had to get tubes and overground trains all day without resting as I had four different places I had to go throughout the day. I quickly learnt that although trains are quick, if you have to go all over London and walk part the way and not get lost – it can be quite difficult! Funny that.

On my days off from appointments I’ve been craving chill out time so more cups of tea and jaffa cakes it is.

I’ll go sight seeing soon and let you know how it goes.



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