Hello London

I wrote this the day after I touched down on 13th May.

Finally I’m in London!!! I’ve had a good sleep, unpacked and got the chance to sit and have coffee at the cafe down the road. I’m afraid the blog probably won’t be exciting from this point as I get into the humdrum of cold and rainy British life having cups of tea and applying for jobs.

Still, I’ll try to keep it as interesting as possible.

I’ve just had an excellent decaf coffee at a cafe down the road that is better than the ones I’ve had even in NZ so we’re off to a good start! The barista is really good looking and friendly and trip hop music is playing. So even though I’m miles away from the people I love, I’m very happy right now. I guess cos everything is unknown and exciting.

Some things that are different

We got mail this morning through a slit in the front door. Fascinating!

The tap water tastes like milk. It did in the U.S too.

I’m wearing my merino and a coat and it’s still cold outside.

They keep washing machines in the kitchen.


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