NYC Here We Go

So after a five hour flight watching some good docos and trying to communicate with the elderly Chinese man next to me (we resorted to sign language for “snow outside”, “can I please go to the bathroom” and “not much longer til we arrive!”) I touched down in New York.

With all my luggage I opted for a cab rather than the train. When he let me out he gave me a five minute spiel about being safe so I strolled into the hostel feeling rather nervous.

This hostel is huge. It has a theatre, ballroom, courtyard and all sorts. They hold events there too which is a good way to socialise at night. On this was a comedy show in the theatre. I got comfy on a leather couch and the peeps around me started getting to know each other.


The first comedian was so bad I cringed but the others were really good. Unfortunately the best looking one had stories of committing to abstinence. The female comedian later told him he was an idiot.

After a pretty good show the over 21s (yup that’s me) headed out to a bar. I met some nice people. Everyone comes from such a different background so it’s really fascinating to find them out.

All in all, a pretty good first night.



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