Exit Through The Alcatraz Gift Shop

So my last day in San Fran was a wonderful end to a beautiful, sunny week spent with new friends.


My new Brazilian friend, two Aussie guys and I headed out to Alcatraz on a nice somewhat windy day.

It really is awesome that people can walk around this prison now but the experience is very American touristy. If you get what I mean.


There was a briefing at the beginning, there are heaps of staff stationed throughout the island and there were three gift shops. They had pretty much commercialised it as much as possible. But I guess with so many people going there each day, they ought to capitalise on donations and they also need to cater for all and have strict processes in place.



Still, it was fascinating to see the cells first hand.


After that we had an amazingly delicious lunch at this place in the ferry building. I forgot the name of it but it was Daniela’s (Brazilian girl) second time there cos she loved it so much.

After that I went shopping (whoop whoop!) and found a Women’s Lounge in Bloomsburys where women can do their make up, go to the bathroom, charge phones and just sit down for a while on plush couches. My feet thanked me for that.

Daniela and I then went to the extreme screen movies. Unfortunately it’s just as expensive here as it is in NZ. And she got us the biggest, most delicious ice cream sundae I’ve ever had. Yus!

It was sad to leave this beautiful city and my new friends.


Now I’m NYC bound!



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