Day two in San Francisco

There is so much I want to tell you that I did on day two but because I did so much I’m actually exhausted to write about it!

I’ll just force myself anyway. This is my first blog from Starbucks! I’ll slowly let the sugar in my hazelnut macciato fill me to get some energy. Got a decaf cos coffee has an extreme effect on me since I quit it.

Anyway so yesterday I went with my roommate to the beautiful Golden Gate Park and then Ocean Beach. The water was freezing! Then to the Cliff House for lunch. The calamari was awful, so tiny!! I’ve been trying to explain NZ calamari to everyone and they’re amazed. However I did really like clam chowder! It tastes like leek and potato soup.




Then we saw the San Francisco Symphony play music from Bach. That was quite good. Venue is beautiful.


Then we walked the Golden Gate Bridge! But I was wearing my nice sandals from dressing for the symphony so I have blisters today. Ouchie. Still, it’s a fantastic place.






Then I went to my friend’s friend’s house! And we got authentic Mexican. The food here is CHEAP. actually everything is cheap. I’ve been getting taxis sometimes because they’re so affordable. And the bus is only $2 no matter how many stages you take.

After dinner I went back to the hostel and hung out with some other peeps I met earlier, then we geeked out over computer jokes. Good times.

Tonight, ballet!

I’ve been going on to anyone who will listen about how our food is better but more expensive. I’ve only been here two days… I think I’m driving my new friends a bit crazy!



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