Bye bye New Zealand

So I’m at the gate about to board my flight to san fran. I’ve just had a massive cry in the bathroom (a silent one fortunately) and it feels good to get that weight off. The only problem now is that I have red puffy eyes! Not what I imagined as the finishing touch when I put together my plane outfit in my head. Mind you I’ve heard no one strolls off a long haul flight looking gorgeous.

At least I didn’t cry prior to my parents taking their airport photos of me. That would not be pretty.

As the truly intrepid, culturally curious woman that I am, I have decided my first port of call in America will be the Westfield Shopping Centre. I have not been shopping for the last six months in NZ so I feel this is justified.

Sorry if you thought you were going to read about one Kiwi’s unique adventure on this blog. I’m probably going to be quite typical. I’ll cycle the Golden Gate Bridge and mill around Fisherman’s Wharf with hundreds of other tourists and I’m going to damn well enjoy it!

See you on the other side



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