Oh you must do this!

Two days to go! I’m counting down now.

And after six months of planning on definitely ready to go.

It’s been an interesting six months. I’ve been asked if I’m excited every day. So much so that I feel like something must be wrong with me of I’m not excited right at that particular moment.

I got my spiel down pat. “Yes I’m very excited, no I don’t have job lined up, yes I’m stopping over in San Francisco and New York, yes I have friends and family in the UK.” Now I know how foreign people feel when you ask them where they’re from! They must get it every day…

The other thing that happened every day was getting advice about being safe. Which, don’t get me wrong, is great to know about. As I’m from NZ and I’ve only been to Oz, I’ve lived a relatively safe existence so far.

But oh the advice…

“You have to go here, you must never go here…”

“You must try the mustard and Nutella sandwich at the cute corner store at the opposite end of town to where you’re staying at 8am when the sun is just right. Don’t go before or after then or order anything else or you’ll have the worst time.”


I know they all mean well and it’s nice to have encouragement from friends but sometimes months of unsolicited advice can just take its toll!

I’m dreading the idea of getting pregnant now!


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