Change doesn’t come from nowhere

Found this in my diary from 2011. The following is some advice I gave myself

Something I have started saying to myself is “Do your bit and everything will work out”. Basically it means not to worry. At all. About “what if”, about the future, about everything going wrong.

It means the universe has a way of letting things work out for you if you’re a good person and you are good to people – like karma.

It means you can’t sit back and expect everything to work out for you as you dream it. You can’t sit and wait. Because the universe doesn’t operate that way. Something cannot come from nothing.

It needs the initial force, the instigator, the catalyst.

Which is you.

You put in what you can. You do all that you can control and then you leave it to karma and to the universe.

And things work out. Even if not in the way you expected.

The outcome will work out for you.

There are exceptions: There are deaths and things we wouldn’t wish on anyone.

But even these can have a profound impact on other people, and bring them to a new level of worldly understanding.

Do your bit and then just trust. You are in charge of your life so go after what you want and trust in karma.

Everything will work out.



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