Anticipating My Big Move

So part of blogging on a website called should require some practising of what I preach right? Living some kind of quarter life dream?

If we are allowed to dream and make massive decisions that will drastically affect our lives, why don’t we? Straying from the familiar is scary. I’ve wanted to head to the UK for a long time but I was very content here. I’m still very happy. I just have this yearning to explore. I found the only way to do it was to make small decisions one by one. Getting an EU passport (one small decision), finding people to stay with in the UK, finding a flight sale, booking flights, telling work, booking accommodation, selling my stuff…

Doing these things one at a time, little by little – the whole process is totally doable. It’s the occasional moments of realisation that freak me out when I realise that everything in my life is going to change and suddenly it’s all up to me to carve out the rest.

I’m not a great decision maker at the best of times. So things like what industry should I go for jobs in, what area of the UK should I live in, what Europe holidays should I book, how much should I sell a bag for are all serious mental hurdles that can last months. (They’re also probably the best first world problems a girl could have so trust me, I’m not complaining). Deciding the hostel for my stay in New York took a total of 10 combined hours of comparative research. Yea… I really do need to get out more.

Part of me (and I’m sure it’s the same with everyone) has created a romantic view of the world where beautiful sensory-filled memories of music, photos and films of these distant lands merge to form this attractive new picture that I long for.

I think it’s known as ‘the grass is always greener’ 😉

Some of these sensory-filled memories are from dreams (the ones you have when you’re sleeping) and they’re even harder to explain.

One particularly amazing dream I recall about August last year was arriving in London and walking through a field of flowers before suddenly arriving on Oxford St (as you do from the airport right, haha). I went to a cabin and my family were all with with me. We then spent the night looking at the sky and spotting the different constellations. I had another dream months later that I went to London again and as soon as I got off the plane I looked up at the sky and stared for hours.

I understand that could possibly be the weirdest reason anyone has ever had to move overseas. The truth is I can’t explain that part of going. The logical career progression yes, the music industry prospects yes, the travelling through Europe yes, but the simple act of standing on the other side of the earth and looking around – not everyone would understand.

I’d like to keep a travel blog on here to record how it all goes and whether things are different from what I expected. In the meantime, let’s make a playlist to satisfy my pre-travel emoness 🙂




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