You’re on the internet, share a dollar

With the freemium model of the internet dictating the way we want to consume content, and with content creators working for an audience of thousands by night after putting in hours at their day job, isn’t it high time we start valuing these creators and giving them a bit of coin?

The man who started the million dollar website was really on to something. A pixel for a dollar. Cheap advertising at a price that was an irresistible bargain. He actually sold them in 10 x 10 blocks, so even though the minimum spend was $100, the novelty of the concept still enticed thousands of people to spend for their piece of fame. Lo and behold the guy became a millionaire.

So now that the net has been popular for 15 years and it’s had time to become a full service industry, isn’t it time we start paying the creatives again? We currently rely on invasive advertising to bring a small revenue to the creator and hosting website company, simply because we want it to be free.

But what if we absolutely love a particular YouTube channel, band, blogger, Web editor, photographer, artist? And we appreciate their work and look forward to their next piece? We’re paying for books to read at night and paying hundreds to attend concerts, but a lot of us are spending more free time following our favourite internet content creators.

Crowd funding is really taking off with websites offering you to pledge money towards a project so it can get completed – you’re basically an investor. I love this concept but I think we could go even simpler than that.

I propose we each start setting aside a bit of our salaries and putting it to these people. Lets help abolish the idea of having to work two jobs in order to freelance creatively.

Let’s add a Donate button next to share tools where we can quickly send off $1 to the person who has made the video we watched 5 times over. Let’s budget $20 from our wages to divvy up between 20 of our favourite independent creative people. Thumbs up on that video or hell just give them a frickin dollar so they can start making content for you full time. Let’s really show our appreciation. Maybe I should pitch this to Pay Pal.

We’re complaining that the freemium model of the internet isn’t changing. Let’s be the change we wish to see.


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